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Welcome to Math with Mrs. Iannuzzi

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Click on the hyperlinks below to link to  math activities, games and videos:

More, Fewer, Same Teaching Video

Ten Frame Math Model Video

Partners of Ten, or Ten's Friends Instructional Video

Number Bonds Instructional Video

Using a Number Bond to Show Subtraction Instructional Video

Interactive Games:

Adding on a Ten Frame

Fuzz Bugs Number Bond Game

Addition Fluency

Balloon Pop Subtraction

Before and After Order

Christmas Online Math Games

Counting with Curious George

Five and Ten Frames

Five Frame Practice

Funbrain Math Practice

Go Math Online Student Edition-Think Central

Guess the Number

Hide and Seek Numbers with Curious George

IXL Various Online Math Games

Literacy Center Number Practice

Math Games and Online Practice

More or Less Practice

Number Grid Fireworks

Number Line Activity

Ordering Numbers 1-100

Ordering Numbers with Curious George

Place Value Practice

Place Value Tens and One's Practice

Subtraction Fluency

Ten Frame Practice

Ten Frame Practice with Curious George

Math Models and Resource Documents:

100 Chart for Counting to 100 by 1’s and 10’s

Number Formation, Rainbow Writing with Ten Frame Practice

Pirate Ship Tens Frame and counters for addition and subtraction

Ten Frame and Double Ten Frame Mat

Ten's Friends Rainbow Chart

Jelly Bean Sort and Graph

Number Formation Practice with Ten Frames Bunny Edition

Ten Frame Addition with Egg Decorating

Bunny Hop Measurement

Bunny Patterns 

Earth Day Ten Frame, Missing Number & Ordering Number Workmats

Addition Fluency Flash Cards

Subtraction Fluency Flash Cards

American Flag 100 Chart

Memorial Day Math Fun

Go Math Personal Math Trainer Family Guide in English

Go Math Personal Math Trainer Family Guide in Spanish

Interactive Videos:
Counting to 100 Video with Jack Hartman

Number Bonds to 5 with Jack Hartman

Numbers in the Teens Start With  a One Video with Harry Kindergarten

Numbers in the Teens Have a Group of Ten Video with Harry Kindergarten

3D Shapes Video with Harry Kindergarten 

Number Pairs Video with Jack Hartman

I  Can Show Numbers in Many Ways Video with Jack Hartman

Subitize Rock Video with Jack Hartman

Ten Frame Fluency Flash Video

Ten Frame Song Video

Ten Frame Train Video

Ten Frame Flash Practice Video

Ten's Friend Song Video:

Jack Hartman Ten's Friends

Jack Hartman Number Bonds

Jack Hartman, When You Subtract From the Same Number

Next Generation MATH standards

Go Math Family Chapter Letters-Kindergarten

Go Math Family Chapter Letters- First Grade